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I have developed two custom packages that will teach you successful investment techniques

One Million Trading Free Basic Course

This course is mainly for traders who are new to NADEX binary options platform or need to refresh there memory on how to trade on the NADEX platform. Remember, all these information can be found online. This course is to make it easier for you to search for the most important key part into getting started with NADEX. These videos are from NADEX themselves.

Introduction to NADEX

Markets offered on NADEX

Helpful links to what markets NADEX offers.

NADEX Platform & Funding/Withdrawing

It is best to start with a demo account first and practice. Once you are familiar with NADEX, you can open a LIVE account.

Understanding Binary Options

What are binary options?

Binary options price and time

Binary options risk and rewards

Binary options price at expiration

Binary options strike prices

Understanding NADEX Spreads

NADEX Spreads

Spreads & The Benefits [30mins]

NADEX Touch Brackets 

What are Touch Brackets

How they work PART ONE

Touch Brackets risk & reward

How they work PART TWO

Touch Brackets trade example


Forex Factory is a great way to checkout what is happening in the market. Click on the link below and it will transfer you straight to there main website. The main page will automatically show you the news and updates that will happen on the day your trading or within the week. 


StockTwits is like facebook but for traders. Traders can post up what they think about the market. They also share pictures or ideas, and predict if the market will be bearish or bullish.

Trade Tracker

This trade tracker is made by One Million Trading Group. Please use this tracker to track all your trades and profits! You can simply upload it to your excel program. If you don't have excel, feel free to use Google Doc. (

Thank you for taking this time to learn on how to use NADEX. Hopefully this free course was helpful to you!

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