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When do you shadow trade?

All Shadow Trade Session will be posted on the main page with Dates and Time of Session

How many trades do you get into? 

Most shadow trading entrances are 2 - 4 contracts. It depends on the market behavior for that time frame/day. 

How long do you stay online for with your shadow members? 

The time frame for online status varies day by day. Usually, it's about an hour to 2. Sometimes, trades are not happening, but I am online to answer inquiries. 

Is the educational package included in the Shadow Package? 

Unfortunately, no. These are two separate purchases.

I purchased the Educational/Shadow Package, When do I receive it?

Once the EDUCATIONAL Package is purchased, please click the corresponding tab ABOVE (Educational Package) to access the material. It is immediate. NOTE: Whatever email you use to purchase the material is what you need to log in with. IT IS A ONE TIME FEE! 

Once the SHADOW Package is purchased, please click the corresponding tab to access INSTRUCTIONS on the procedure. NOTICE: Please allow 24-32 hours for a response from OMT ADMIN for links to the chatroom. Please be patient. We do check emails DAILY, but because we have international and national customers, we may receive emails at different times. We will ALWAYS respond. THE SHADOW PACKAGE RE-OCCURS AT THE TIME OF PURCHASE, NOT THE FIRST OF THE MONTH!

What do you recommend as far as account and level of trading? 

As far as trading goes, it is said to be "EASIER" for traders to profit "faster" with a higher account. But, in some cases, that is not always true. The minimum

for Nadex (the platform we use) is a $250 minimum. After the initial payment and if you wish to fund more, you can do so at $100 minimum rather than $250. Many have been able to be successful with $250 and many have not. The real answer lies in your discipline and your greed. We are open to all levels of trading. We recommend having the basic skills of trading, such as using Nadex, knowing profit and losses, understanding fees, locating trades and time frames, scalping, entering and exiting trades, etc. (the basics). It allows all traders to focus, respectively to trading and avoids the "how to" questions throughout our chat rooms. 

Will there be other people in the 1:1 Bookings? 

No. It is YOUR purchase and only you will have access. 


How do I cancel my membership?

Please fill out the information below. Please be sure to add your shadow package username on Telegram to the contact information for cancellation purposes. 


Can I get a refund?

We CAN NOT give you a refund once the educational package/shadow package is purchased. NOTE: This includes if you access the material or chat rooms and say that you already know the material. PLEASE email us if you have any questions before the purchase.

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