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Train with me! In our new 1 on 1 training/Group Training!

1 on 1 Training / Group Training

  • Teach you the basic of my style and strategy!

  • Step by Step on setting up Support and Resistance!

  • Teaching you how i use my top 3 indicators to help me make better trades!

  • Time Frame Trading, and which one is best to use!

  • LIVE Screen share from my desktop!

  • And Much More!





  •  Will evaluate the way you trade and show you step by step on how to change it.

  • Will look at your screen and see how you set up your screen and help you fix it step by step.

  • With Everything you have learned, we will have a practice trade together.

  • 1 on 1 Q&A 

*Note: Skype will need to be downloaded to attend the training!


Once booked, We will email you with more information! If you do have any question before we email you or about our booking, Please email us at Admin@onemilliontrading.com!